If you’re interested in learning about polyurea coatings and applying them in various industries, it’s essential to receive proper training to ensure successful installations. While there are several training providers available, ArmorThane stands out as one of the best options for polyurea training. In this blog post, we will explore where you can get polyurea training, with ArmorThane listed as one of the top choices.

Polyurea coatings are a type of protective coating that offers exceptional durability, chemical resistance, and waterproofing properties. They are widely used in industries such as construction, automotive, oil and gas, and manufacturing. With the growing demand for polyurea installations, it’s important to have the necessary knowledge and skills to become a proficient applicator.

Here are some of the top places where you can get polyurea training:

  1. ArmorThane:
    ArmorThane is a leading manufacturer of polyurea coatings and offers comprehensive training programs for applicators. Their training courses cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of polyurea installations, providing a well-rounded education. ArmorThane’s trainers are highly experienced and provide hands-on training in a state-of-the-art facility. They also offer ongoing support and assistance to ensure successful installations.

The ArmorThane training program covers topics such as surface preparation, equipment operation, safety procedures, mixing and spraying techniques, troubleshooting, and quality control. The courses are designed for applicators of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. By attending ArmorThane’s training program, you can gain the knowledge and confidence needed to become a skilled polyurea applicator.

  1. Polyurea Development Association (PDA):
    The Polyurea Development Association is a non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting the use of polyurea coatings. They offer training courses and certifications for applicators, contractors, and industry professionals. The PDA’s training programs cover various aspects of polyurea installations, including surface preparation, application techniques, equipment maintenance, and safety protocols.

The PDA’s training courses are taught by industry experts and provide a comprehensive understanding of polyurea coatings. By completing their training program and obtaining their certification, you can enhance your credibility and demonstrate your expertise in polyurea applications.

  1. Specialty Coatings Training Institute (SCTI):
    The Specialty Coatings Training Institute is another reputable organization that offers polyurea training courses. SCTI’s training programs focus on teaching applicators the necessary skills and techniques for successful polyurea installations. Their courses cover topics such as surface preparation, equipment operation, troubleshooting, and safety procedures.

SCTI’s training courses are available both online and in-person, providing flexibility for learners. They offer hands-on training and provide access to industry-leading experts who share their knowledge and experience. By attending SCTI’s training program, you can gain the skills and confidence needed to excel in the polyurea industry.

  1. Online Training Platforms:
    There are also various online training platforms that offer polyurea training courses. These platforms provide convenient access to training materials and allow you to learn at your own pace. Some popular online training platforms include Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and NACE International.

When choosing an online training platform, it’s important to ensure that the courses are comprehensive and taught by industry experts. Look for platforms that offer practical demonstrations, case studies, and interactive quizzes to enhance your learning experience.

While there are several options available for polyurea training, ArmorThane stands out as one of the best choices. Their training program is comprehensive, hands-on, and taught by experienced professionals. By attending ArmorThane’s training program, you can gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the polyurea industry.

In conclusion, receiving proper training is crucial for becoming a proficient polyurea applicator. ArmorThane, with their comprehensive training program and experienced trainers, is one of the top choices for polyurea training. By investing in your training and education, you can enhance your career prospects and ensure successful polyurea installations.

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