Protecting The Protectors With Polyurea

For years many companies and governments worldwide have tried to develop better ways to protect human lives and physical property from blast threats.

The destruction caused by blasts/explosions and the resulting energy shock waves can cause devastating damages and injuries. Modern chemistry and the innovative R&D team at ArmorThane have produced several solutions to help blast protection and combat these tragic events.

“Protecting the protectors.” 

ArmorThane’s UltraBlast high strength Polyurea coating provides superior blast mitigation and ballistics protection to military and civilian entities worldwide.

ArmorThane originally produced these groundbreaking polymer coatings with the United States military in mind. After years of R&D and continual improvement of the technology, SPI is proud to offer industry, cutting-edge, blast resistance solutions that help save human lives and protect property.

Contact us today to learn more about how SPI’s advanced Dragonshield Polyurea coatings provide superior blast and ballistic protection.

Indestructible Protection

Arma Coatings has been recognized by the security and defense industry for unmatched blast mitigation technology. As leaders in polyurea product development, we have formulated protective coatings approved for many military applications.

Body Armor

ArmorThane’s protective coatings shield against ballistic attacks and fragmentation, safeguarding personnel, and minimizing injuries.

  • Armor plates
  • Bulletproof vests
  • Ballistic vests
  • Stab proof vests

Blast Mitigation

ArmorThane products can be applied to various surfaces, including concrete, steel, fiberglass, and aluminum. The perfect balance of power and elasticity increases structural integrity and superior impact resistance.

MRAP Vehicles

ArmorThane protective coatings shield mine/ambush-protected vehicles from ballistic firearms, mine blasts, IEDs, and other malicious threats.

Fuel Tank Sealer

ArmorThane’s self-sealing polymers aid in the prevention and minimalization of fuel leakage caused by arms fire.

  • Protection against IED’s, mine blasts, and small arms fire
  • Corrosion and abrasion stability
  • Vibration and acoustic dampening
  • Adds basic integrity to fuel cells
  • Superior adhesion and tensile strength
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