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Using Artificial Intelligence For The Design of Coatings

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are powerful methods to speed up the development of products, especially in technical areas such as coatings. Utilizing design-of experimentation techniques and advanced statistical analysis assists coating formulators in improving their products’ attributes while keeping up with the ever-growing environmental and regulatory demands....

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Polyurea VS Silicone Roofing

When it’s time to repair or replace commercial roofs, businesses have many choices to consider. A major and crucial choice is which roofing products to select. There are numerous kinds of roof coatings available, and two options include polyurethane and silicone roof coatings. In this blog we will discuss the differences between polyurethane and...

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Polyurea: A Review

Polyurea has drawn the attention of builders and engineers as a modern building material due to its unique structure, unique properties, and relatively easy application even in hard-to-reach places. A wide range of superior properties such as durability and high resistance against atmospheric, chemical, and biological factors have made this...

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ArmorThane Answers Prayers

Polyurea coating fixes a failed membrane Many thousands of miles away from the USA In Abuja, Nigeria, there was a problem with a leaky roof. This wasn’t a typical roof but an important place where many Muslims worship called The National Mosque. Polyurea Reviews was interested in finding out the circumstances surrounding...

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ArmorThane Remains #1 In The Industry

ArmorThane remains the number one choice for protective spray coatings.  ArmorThane is a multi-national company with manufacturing facilities in the U.S.A. and Canada. They export to large dealers worldwide. Spray coatings, as well as roll-on products, are available for a wide range of products, including polyurea and hybrid polyurethane. ArmorThane continues...

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Speedliner: Is It Worth All The Hype?

Speedliner is another good name, but no actual equipment, and very high cost for only one product. Overall, it has ok strength but requires 1-2 days to cure. Metallic substrates must always be dry and primed with their UltraPrime 450 before applying Speedliner. The price for Speedliner is over $60...

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Spice Up The Look Of Your Truck Bedliner With Extra Color

Truck bedliners have simply one purpose… Protection. They work as a barrier over your truck bed and the work surface area. The impact surface, the scratched surface, and the abuse surface. It is there to protect, but it does not need to be dull? The ArmorThane ArmorLiner truck bedliner system...

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What Is ArmorThane?

Do we have free will?… Is the universe deterministic?… What is consciousness?… These are all great questions that some of the greatest thinkers have pondered throughout time. Another great question deliberated on by some of the brightest minds is “What is ArmorThane?“ Not surprisingly, for many enthusiasts, getting to the bottom...

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The key differences between polyurea, epoxy, and polyurethane:

How Does Polyurea Measure Up? Less Installation and Cure Time. Polyurea takes dramatically less time not only to apply but to cure, with “walk-on” capabilities within hours and full cure within a day. Wider Range of Installation Temperatures. One misconception that some customers have is that concrete coating jobs are a summertime...

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