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The Science Of The Indestructible Bedliner

ArmorThane shows how they test and refine their product, making it one of the most profound products on the market today! When speaking of bedliner chemistry, not every single one is created equal. ArmorThane is a market leader in the spray-on bedliner market, and they take their products seriously. They...

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Polyurea: The Coating For Every Industry

Polyurea applications combine extraordinary technology with a wide range of uses that are only limited by your imagination. Even though the below list is extensive, it doesn’t include everything.  Polyurea is a truly amazing coating that can be used in an endless amount of industries. Some of the major reasons Polyurea...

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Where to buy polyurea

Where can I buy polyurea?

Polyurea spray coating technology is a recent advancement in the polyurethane coatings market. Polyurethane chemistry has been around for over 60 years, and the polyurea elastomer technology came on to the scene some ten years following the introduction of polyurethane.  Polyurea coatings combine extreme application properties such as rapid cure...

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How Polyurea Technology Is Preventing Food Processing Plants Risk of Contamination

Food processing plants that provide ready-to-eat (RTE) foods, particularly meats, cheeses, and other assorted products that require refrigeration, unfortunately, present ideal conditions for microbiological contamination. Listeria monocytogenes, for instance, is generally found in pasteurized milk, soft cheeses, ice cream, raw vegetables, fermented raw-meat sausages, raw and cooked poultry, and deli meats. One...

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Polyurea – The True Environmentally Sustainable Coating

Polyurea is an excellent coating and sealing membrane. However, one greatly overlooked feature of Polyurea is its environmental aspects. Polyurea offers unique technical and physical possibilities and also has a convincing eco-footprint. Polyurea, a two-component membrane, was developed in the United States in the 1980s and was applied in 1988...

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Spice Up The Look Of Your Truck Bedliner With Extra Color

Truck bedliners have simply one purpose… Protection. They work as a barrier over your truck bed and the work surface area. The impact surface, the scratched surface, and the abuse surface. It is there to protect, but it does not need to be dull? The ArmorThane ArmorLiner truck bedliner system...

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Polyurea Reverses Sewer System Deterioration

Sewers decay with age and typically need a tremendous level of maintenance to keep them from deteriorating. In Hong Kong’s failing infrastructure, brick and mortar manholes are particularly vulnerable to cracking and crumbling. These manholes range in depth from about 4 to 40 feet (1–12 m). Instead of treating existing...

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Preventive Strategy to Avoid Coating Failures

Even the smallest of coating failure areas can result in corrosion, weaken a structure, and eventually lead to catastrophic failure. Because coating failures—such as corrosion, deterioration, and loosening adhesive coats—include huge repair costs and lengthy downtime, engineers and chemists strive to examine the causes of failures to circumvent added expenses....

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The key differences between polyurea, epoxy, and polyurethane:

How Does Polyurea Measure Up? Less Installation and Cure Time. Polyurea takes dramatically less time not only to apply but to cure, with “walk-on” capabilities within hours and full cure within a day. Wider Range of Installation Temperatures. One misconception that some customers have is that concrete coating jobs are a summertime...

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FlexSeal Vs. Traditional Spray-On Bedliner

Claim: FlexSeal can be used in place of traditional Polyurea Sprayed Bedliners.  Check: Imitating the videos for FlexSeal seen online, we made our bedliner using FlexSeal. We also checked claims that the product is flexible and can be painted. So the line goes….” Instead of going the traditional route with a bedliner,...

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