There is no scarcity of quality garage floor coatings to choose from nowadays. Nevertheless, when you consider ease of setup, it is clear that we firmly believe two-part polyurea transcends for a lot of DIY applications. Hence, it is for this reason and more why ArmorFloor polyurethane roll-on coating by ArmorThane has quickly established credibility as a special DIY garage floor coating.

As more garage flooring suppliers gradually began offering this coating, we recognize that two-part polyurethane makes for the best DIY garage floor coating kits available for the typical garage. We published a short article that listed all the advantages and supported it with lots of facts that most people don’t believe in when shopping for a garage coating.

In brief, two-part polyurethane requires the blending of part-A and part- B components (hence two-part). It is moisture treated, which indicates that the moisture in the air triggers it once it has been applied to the concrete.

Also, it is U.V. steady, which means that it will not amber (yellow tint) from sunlight like epoxy does, and it provides the impressive chemical, stain, and use the resistance of a high-performance polyurethane.

Last but not least, it will supply a quicker go back to service. This enables you to move products back onto the floor and drive on it quicker than a multi-coat epoxy garage flooring system.

ArmorThane was not the very first to present two-part polyurea to their lineup. However, they were quick to acknowledge this kind of coating’s benefits, particularly for DIY applications. After taking the time to examine the product, they discovered what they were searching for in ArmorThane.

Garry Froese, the owner of ArmorThane, then created what he considers the very best performance and value of this polyurethane in the form of different garage floor coating packages. We have to concur that we like his philosophy concerning how these sets are put together.

To start, ArmorFloor kits consist of significantly more polyurea per coat. As an example, their 500 sq.ft. kit consists of 20% more polyurea than Nohr-S.

The reason is that their sets are determined with a protection rate of 200 ft ² per gallon instead of the typical 250 -300 feet ² per gallon that numerous rivals use. This protection rate offers a thicker dry film density of 5.5 mils per coat. This will lead to longer wear and subsequent much deeper color harmony when using a single base color coat.

ArmorFloor kits are readily available in several different colors. Besides the conventional gray and tan, it is also available in many other colors so that you can color match your garage.

As we had mentioned earlier, Garry produced a few various set choices. The first is the basic Two Coat System. The Two Coat System is the most popular alternative. It offers excellent protection for many garage floors that see the typical vehicle traffic, upkeep repair work, and small house projects.

ArmorThane’s two-coat clear system
You also have the choice of 2 coats of clear instead of a color coat if you like the shiny, natural concrete appearance.

Garry mentions that a person’s coat of clear for a high usage property application would be adequate. However, he suggests two coats for a true workshop or industrial usage.

These colors do much better with two coats to offer a deep, rich color that does not allow the concrete underneath to bleed through and influence the color.

Is an epoxy guide necessary with ArmorFloor? No, Garry states it is not essential. Solvent-based coatings do an exceptional job of permeating concrete surfaces as is– even better than water-based epoxy guides.

Because the ArmorFloor kits offer a thicker initial base coat than the competitors, a guide must not supply thickness and deep color to the coating. Plus, he thinks you should be getting more polyurethane for your money, not less.

This review of ArmorThane’s garage flooring kits is something that we ought to have done a while earlier, and here’s why:

We understand that looking for excellent reviews for garage floor coatings is not simple for customers, and they are not uniformly precise. Plus, numerous commercial coatings suppliers do not have a place on their website to promote reviews or don’t take the time and effort required to ask for consumer feedback. That is why we like to point out these companies and place our solid reviews for those companies that deserve it.

ArmorThane is not getting these fantastic evaluations by pleased clients, even if they are requesting feedback nevertheless. It also has a lot to do with their client service and the wealth of info they supply on their site regarding their garage floor coating sets.

When viewing their web page, we noticed that Garry does an excellent job of responding to a lot of the concerns that people naturally have when purchasing a coating. He supplies exceptional information about their kits, informing and notifying the possible client about their polyurea coating systems and what to expect from them.

Also, they have a live chat offered on Facebook to ask questions during business hours.

Finally, they even supply alternatives if you find that your project might require a bit more additional material if it does not fall neatly within the square foot specifications of the sets. Many garage floor coating vendors generally leave this type of info out when it’s a question that shows up often.
When you integrate all this with the great application directions supplied with the sets, Garry does a terrific job of making people feel at ease with their garage floor coating job.

Despite the exceptional product they offer, many of their rivals do not supply this kind of detail in advance. We have found that this can leave some potential customers feeling uneasy about purchasing.

These points are why we believe ArmorThane’s ArmorFloor has earned the credibility they have achieved for offering top quality polyurethane garage floor coating kits.

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