Top Bedliners Of 2021

What are the Different Types Of Bedliners?


Drop-in bedliners can be cheaper than spray-on liners, and they are much easier to install. Drop-in liners are a plastic sheet that fits into your bed and then fastened with metal bolts. Drop-in bedliners can cover the truck’s bed lip or wrap around it; however, they do not have the same durability as spray-on bedliners. Plastic can be damaged, and water can get between the bed and the liner, leading to rust. 

Spray-on bedliners, in contrast, are a permanent solution that adheres to your truck bed and blocks any water, dirt, or damage. Spray-on liners can be made of polyurea, polyurethane, or a hybrid mix of the two, giving off a rubbery, textured finish. Polyurea liners can also be purchased, which dry more quickly and leave a glossy finish. These liner types are designed to protect your bed from the elements and prevent it from sliding about. Spray-on liners can be more costly than drop-in liners when they are applied professionally. However, you can save money by doing it yourself. You should make sure your truck bed is clean before applying the liner.

So which one is best for me?

Drop-in bedliners are cheaper and easier to replace if you have a tight budget; however, you get what you pay for in this case. Drop-in liners are not a permanent accessory, and they will lead to problems for you and your truck.

Spray-on bedliners are the best option for anyone who wants to protect their pickup’s bed. These liners protect your pickup from rust and weather-related wear and will prolong its life expectancy. Spray-on bedliners are the best option if you want to protect your truck against rust.

Should I apply the bedliner myself?

A bedliner company can apply spray liners, or you can apply them yourself. However, we recommend using a professional to apply the spray liner. As i mentioned earlier, they are permanent, and in the long run, it’s just not worth taking the chance of messing up during the application process unless you know what you’re doing. 

Are All Bedliners Black?

Black bedliners are the norm, regardless of whether they’re spray-on or drop-in. Dupli-Color and other manufacturers offer spray-on bedliners in many colors. These include army green, desert tan, and blue. You can also purchase a tint separately for spray-on bedliners. This allows you to make them green, blue, or any other color that you like. ArmorThane offers color coats with their bedliner, and you can even match the paint of your vehicle.

Are they worth it?

Yes. The Bedliner is a skid-resistant material that allows cargo to be held more securely. It is especially useful when the Bedliner acts as a shield against heavy loads.

Now that you have decided to buy one for your truck, it will be easier if you have proper guidelines and know all the available options. Check out our buying guide for an idea of the best one for you.

We’ll be reviewing the top spray-on bed liners currently on sale in this article. We will also discuss the chemistry and installation of bedliners. You can use the table to find out more about bedliners. However, we will start with the best products.

1.) ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner: Best Overall Spray In Bedliner

ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner is a great option if you want to give your vehicle a unique look and provide the highest level of protection. ArmorLiner offers a rugged appearance and a surface protective that’s unmatched in the industry in protection against scratching and denting. ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner is suitable for all, from the dedicated off-roader to custom car enthusiasts. ArmnorThane is one of the very first companies to offer sprayed-on bedliner applications. They have over 30 years of history in perfecting their quality products. ArmorLiner is their most recent innovation that has combined all previous combinations that have continuously kept them on top in the industry. With applicators in nearly every state, ArmorThane is the go-to company if you want to have a professional-looking bedliner.

Pros/Inexpensive, made in the U.S. Longest lasting. Easiest to work with. Top reviewed year after year. The original quality spray on bedliner.


Bottom Line/The ultimate in quality product and professional application process that’s inexpensive and with no downsides.

2.) HERCULINER Bedliner Kit: 

Spray In Bedliner

Spray in your bed with this easy-to-use spray-in bed liner.

HERCULINER Roll-On Kit gives your vehicle a shiny black finish. This kit is a great choice if your goal is to make your truck look professional. The company has over 20 years of experience and makes high-quality materials that their customers love.

Pros/Inexpensive, made in the U.S.

Cons/Smelly, not sold in a kit

Bottom Line/An American made bedliner that’s inexpensive and easy to apply

3.) Best Budget Option: Rust-Oleum Automotive Truck Bed Coating

Rust-Oleum’s truckbed coating is a specially formulated product that prevents rust from building up on your truck bed. It protects against scratches, rust, and other weather-related damage that your truck bed might experience.

This high-quality product is made in the U.S. and can be applied easily with a brush or roller. The bedliner does not include any of these tools. You will need to purchase them separately. This product is only a 32-ounce can of the bedliner.

The product will take some time to cure fully, so make sure your truck is not used for other purposes after being applied. Some users report that the bedliner is very strong and can smell for a while after being applied. We recommend using a respirator to help with this. This is a good practice for all spray-on bedliners.

This Rust-Oleum bedliner formula is affordable.

Pros/Inexpensive, made in the U.S.

Cons/Smelly, not sold in a kit

Bottom Line/An American made bedliner that’s inexpensive and easy to apply

4.) Dupli-Color DIY Truck Bed Liner with Kevlar Bed Armor Kit

Dupli-Color’s bedliner kit includes a 1-gallon water-based bedliner and a brush. This is all you need to apply the bedliner properly. However, we recommend using painter’s tape as a preparation tool. This bedliner, like the water-based one, can be thin and runny. It would be best if you prepared your bed and then apply it thickly.

Dupont Kevlar is also included in this bedliner, which increases the durability of your bed.

Although this bedliner kit works as advertised, it is a little too expensive compared to other options on the list.

Pros/Kevlar formula is tough, includes a brush and roller

Cons/A bit too expensive requires thorough bed preparation

Bottom Line/A solid bedliner kit, but it’s a bit on the bit pricey side

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