The Science Of The Indestructible Bedliner

ArmorThane shows how they test and refine their product, making it one of the most profound products on the market today!

When speaking of bedliner chemistry, not every single one is created equal. ArmorThane is a market leader in the spray-on bedliner market, and they take their products seriously. They provide sprayed-on bedliner protection and educate truck owners on how to care for their bedliners after installation properly.

How it’s done: There are four major tests to be aware of when testing material for protection that truck owners and off-roaders need.

ArmorThane keeps rust and abrasion from being an issue.

  • Tensile strength is the highest amount of force that a material can withstand without breaking.
  • Elongation is a measure of the percentage change in length before fracturing.
  • Hardness refers to the material’s resistance to distortion. It is measured using an alphabetic scale, with type A being softer than type D.
  • UV stability measures a material’s resistance against fading or color changes under constant UV light exposure.

Spray-on bedliners made from polyurea are a mixture of both polyurea and ethylene. They are typically flexible but have a lower hardness. This eventually reduces their ability to withstand abrasion.

ArmorThane offers bedliners made from pure polyurea. This blends strength and flexibility to maximize toughness.

Rob Anderson, Head Of Product Development for ArmorThane, stated that “As the leading national provider of spray-on protective coatings, we strive to be the best, through continual field testing, the right equipment, and advanced knowledge.”

ArmorThane measures thickness in several places on the bed to verify that material has been applied properly.

How does ArmorThane compare to other bedliners?

ArmorThane has a dedicated Research & Development team that can produce the toughest sprayable elastomeric coating in the truck market with a double-hardness rating than competitors.

Excellent impact resistance and high tensile strength (up to 6,600 PSI) make the coatings extremely resistant to abrasions.

The material has been sprayed to create a seal that makes it watertight.

These are the comparison numbers according to available online data.

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