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Why polyurea is more effective than paint on commercial dumpsters

Commercial dumpsters are an important part of every business. They are used to store garbage and waste until it can be properly disposed of. Because of this, it is important to ensure that commercial dumpsters are well-maintained. Concerning commercial dumpsters, there are two main choices for protective coatings – paint...

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Polyurea: A Review

Polyurea has drawn the attention of builders and engineers as a modern building material due to its unique structure, unique properties, and relatively easy application even in hard-to-reach places. A wide range of superior properties such as durability and high resistance against atmospheric, chemical, and biological factors have made this...

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The Science Of The Indestructible Bedliner

ArmorThane shows how they test and refine their product, making it one of the most profound products on the market today! When speaking of bedliner chemistry, not every single one is created equal. ArmorThane is a market leader in the spray-on bedliner market, and they take their products seriously. They...

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Top Bedliners Of 2021

What are the Different Types Of Bedliners? DROP-IN OR SPRAY-ON? Drop-in bedliners can be cheaper than spray-on liners, and they are much easier to install. Drop-in liners are a plastic sheet that fits into your bed and then fastened with metal bolts. Drop-in bedliners can cover the truck’s bed lip...

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FlexSeal Vs. Traditional Spray-On Bedliner

Claim: FlexSeal can be used in place of traditional Polyurea Sprayed Bedliners.  Check: Imitating the videos for FlexSeal seen online, we made our bedliner using FlexSeal. We also checked claims that the product is flexible and can be painted. So the line goes….” Instead of going the traditional route with a bedliner,...

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