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The Rise Of Modern Polyurea Spray Coating Technology

For decades, coating and lining systems have been used for many applications. These initial systems, though complex in preparation at the time, were fairly simple to install. The common installation technique mainly involved brush/hand application.  Modern system developments and spray application evolution have enhanced coating and lining performance. New regulations...

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What Is ArmorThane?

Do we have free will?… Is the universe deterministic?… What is consciousness?… These are all great questions that some of the greatest thinkers have pondered throughout time. Another great question deliberated on by some of the brightest minds is “What is ArmorThane?“ Not surprisingly, for many enthusiasts, getting to the bottom...

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Measuring Spray-on Truck Bedliner Thickness: PosiTector 6000

Measuring Spray-on Truck Bedliner Thickness DeFelsko’s PosiTector 6000 thick series of coating thickness gauges are ideal for non-destructively measuring the thickness of spray-on liner coatings applied to steel and aluminum truck beds. Background Bedliner coatings are commonly used in the automotive and defense industries to protect from physical impacts, scratching, abrasion, and...

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