Spice Up The Look Of Your Truck Bedliner With Extra Color

Truck bedliners have simply one purpose… Protection.

They work as a barrier over your truck bed and the work surface area. The impact surface, the scratched surface, and the abuse surface.

It is there to protect, but it does not need to be dull?

The ArmorThane ArmorLiner truck bedliner system is the most versatile readily available. With this spray on truck bedliner option, you get the best!

Personalizing a truck bedliner seems like an easy thing. But why would you want to customize something that’s sole purpose is to work and protect?

I have a one-word answer for you … … Enthusiasts.

Stock vehicles are boring. Having something that everyone else has is dull. Enthusiasts like their rides distinct and personalized to their vision. It always returns to the relentless energy that we have and a deep-rooted love affair with our cars.

One word sums it up … PASSION!

Since we have now gone over the factor that someone may want a truck bed that is a little less than standard, let discuss all the kick-ass things ArmorThane can do to its truck bed liners and protective coatings.

Yea, you can do black! But you can likewise do black with a subtle hint of metal flake leading covered in. Let’s say your truck is blue, and you aren’t sure which type of bed liner to opt for since the black would be too dull… how about a black bed liner with some blue flake?

Let’s state your tastes are a bit on the wild side… YES!!! We can look after the wild side as well. Let’s match the paint code of your truck for the bed liner and then leading the coat with a silver metal flake!

This is an incredibly basic step for your expert truck bed installer to take that will make your truck bed the envy of the neighborhood. This has to do with the little things, and if you want to have your truck bed liner finished in a custom-made way, then you want to reveal and reveal the wild side!

The ArmorThane Truck Bed Liner network of dealers and applicators is worldwide. They can be found in all 50 states and almost 30 nations. Their dealerships are ready to serve your truck bedliner needs to whatever level of modification you can think up!

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