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ArmorThane Answers Prayers

Polyurea coating fixes a failed membrane Many thousands of miles away from the USA In Abuja, Nigeria, there was a problem with a leaky roof. This

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Polyurea Coating

Polyurea has been around for decades and has numerous uses both in the industrial and commercial sector. One area polyurea is commonly used is in

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Polyurea Coating Systems

Polyurea spray on paint has many advantages over traditional paint finishes. Durability. Polyurea is an extremely tough substance with a very high level of flexibility,

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How Does Polyurea Coatings Fail?

How Does Polyurea Coatings Fail? Polyurea is an artificial derivative of the natural polysaccharides of resins that include urea, dithiol compound, and polyacrylamide gel. Polyurea

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