Polyurea is an extremely strong protective coating used for various applications across multiple industries. There are many benefits of using polyurea for the oil and gas industry. It can fully protect oil and gas storage tanks, containers, and pipelines against abrasion, weather, and chemical corrosion and prolongs the lifespan of these tanks and pipelines.

While other protective coatings like polyurethane and epoxies have been utilized, polyurea is a newer and far more stable advanced waterproofing and protective system.

Here are just a few of how polyurea coatings can be used in the oil and gas industry.

To Protect against Extreme Weather Conditions

Polyurea is applied as a liquid spray and cures within seconds, forming a sturdy membrane. This makes polyurea the ideal protective coating for any exterior surface. Once the surface is completely cured, it can be used instantly and withstand extreme weather conditions like snow, ice, rain, and prolonged exposure to U.V. rays.

To Refurbish Pipeline Rollers and Tanks

Polyurea coatings can be utilized to renovate pipeline rollers and interior tank linings to prolong their lifespan and control corrosion. With proper maintenance, polyurea coatings can prolong the lifespan of these tanks longer than other coatings that have been employed in the past. Over time, constant use and vulnerability to harsh chemicals can slowly strip away protective coatings from your tanks.

To Enhance Durability and Safety Standards

Featuring intense physical and elastomeric properties, polyurea can be utilized to establish primary and secondary containment linings in storage tanks that will contain chemicals from leaking out. These enhanced safety features protect oil and gas industry workers from exposure and risk of explosions due to chemical interactions. It also protects the surrounding environment from contamination.

Polyurea membranes are invulnerable to extreme temperatures and can be utilized for outdoor and indoor industrial applications such as helicopter pads, walkways, lining tanks, workshop flooring, etc.

To Coat Oil and Gas Pipes

When working on an oil and gas pipeline, some of the biggest risk factors include corrosion, rust, chemical leaks, and abrasion. Polyurea coatings can be used as a protective layer in tank linings and pipelines to maintain strong safety measures and protect workers from potential damages and injuries.

To Coat Tanks

Storage tanks are constantly exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals and weather conditions on oil and gas rigs. Lining the interior of storage tanks with a durable polyurea coating can help control the internal temperature. These control pressure buildups cause explosions and fill all cracks or other damages that can lead to dangerous chemical leaks.

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