Exposing Spray Coating Scams

Exposing issues with the Protective Coating Industry

With the current polyurea and associated coating product shortage we are seeing, we felt it was a good time to cover some of the major issues we see daily. This article will cover some of the major scams we see with some big-name accredited businesses and other fly-by-night small-time crooks with no accreditation in the industry.

Many of these companies usually distribute quality formulas but with complaints emanating from small to midsize buyers requiring better support & lower-cost solutions. However, with the recent supply shortage, we see some longtime customers being treated unfairly with shady dealings such as a sudden doubling (and even tripling) of prices and selective distribution of products to customers paying a higher price bracket. 

Keep in mind that an unfair trade practice doesn’t have to be intentional for a lawsuit to be filed. One may have the very best intentions and, by a mistake or misunderstanding, end up in legal trouble. We are not making any claims of any illegal activity. That is a decision to be made by the courts. We are just pointing out the complaints we have been informed of by current and former customers.

Spray Coating Scams We Have Found

  1. Fake Certification Scam- Victims of a certification scam include the following actual events: Consumers who thought they’d paid for a certification application but got a FAKE certification: a non-certified applicator(s) using an unknown product. This scam claims to sell protective coating certification with no actual training. To view an actual certification process, check out the process ArmorThane offers. They have been in the business for over 30 years, and every single certified applicator through them has been fully trained by a fully accredited professional.
  2. D.I.Y. Roof Coating Scam – A roof coating scam exposed that targeted quoting out a high-quality roof coating job to repair old, dilapidated roofs and make them good as new but were using over the counter D.I.Y. cheap products.
  3. Advanced Coating Enterprises (A.C.E.) – This con has been fraudulently scamming people for several years. They have modified their names from the following companies: A.C.E. Security Laminates, A.C.E. Corp., and World A.C.E. They have often been in the news for unethical business practices, fraud, scams, and theft. Their primary scam is selling Dealerships to people that think they have a legitimate manufactured product line. What happens is they repackage someone else’s product. They are in millions of dollars of debt. Peter Fabian has tried unsuccessfully to go bankrupt for over 5.7 million dollars. There are plenty of articles on this scammer online that you can find with a simple search.
  4. Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems & Life Deck Installation Company- The same person owns these companies. They claim to the manufacturer, sell & install a deck coating called A.L.X. that they advertise as being fire resistant and meeting the requirements of ICC-ES to get a fire rating. They are not! Read more
  5. Price Hiking– As we previously said, we are getting many complaints from people claiming they have received sudden price increases that are being blamed on a production slowdown. Time will tell if we are seeing companies working together to do price hikes nationally. If so, this will be something we will see in the courts. As of this writing, only one company we know has been well prepared for the production slowdown and has not had to do much in price hikes. That company is ArmorThane. You can contact them here to get current pricing.

Ways Of Validating A Legitimate Dealer

  1. Confirm the company has a legitimate history that can be researched. Examples of legitimate companies include ArmorThane, Rhino Linings, VersaFlex, Spray-Lining & Line-X.
  2. Confirm job references of fulfilled customers, visit them to see the job itself, or ask for pictures.
  3. Check to see they’re using professional equipment made from Graco, GlasCraft, or P.M.C.
  4. Contact us here by either mailing us or commenting below, and we will be happy to do some research for you. We can guide you on how to get your money back & apprehend the criminal(s).

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