Bedliner Reviews: Rhino-Linings Vendor Franchise Review

Rhino Linings is the largest reason for the oversaturation of bedliner dealers in the US. The close proximity of dealerships occurs when an original dealer does not buy enough Rhino product to prevent another from opening near or within its “zone”. Saturation usually occurs regardless of who actually “built” these territories. This competition is one reason the cost of truck bedliner retail prices has not gone up with inflation overall. However, the more overall product sold and shipped the happier these guys are. This is why they have the worst name in the industry for customer service. They do not take care of their customers and are willing to throw long-time customers under the bus in order to bring on a new customer.

Review of Rhino-Linings Franchise - Spray-Lining & Coatings Network

Rhino Linings Equipment:

RhinoPro HP-21
RhinoPro HP-21 Max Machine - Kodiak Industries
RhinoPro™ HP-21 – $32,050.00 – $51,000.00 This or other plural component spray machines are promoted as specially designed to process Rhino Linings only. Through proper valving, other ratios are/were always possible. The manufacturer is Graco; always was. Any similar equipment can spray any companies polyurea, all ratios.
Hi Flow-21
RhinoPro Hi Flow-21 Machine - Kodiak Industries
RhinoPro™ Hi Flow-21 – Over $2,800.00This is not polyurea bedliner-type equipment. It may be re-labeled, but is a Graco. It’s designed to apply floor coating. Specifically, it’s a Graco Reactor E-8P scaled down for flooring or low GPM jobs.
Rhino Pro Spray Gun RPCS-002
RhinoPro Dual Cartridge Pneumatic Spray Gun - RPCS-002
Rhino Pro™ Spray Gun RPCS-002 – $580.00RhinoPro™ Cartridge Guns are dual component, simplified pneumatic applicators promoted as specially designed for RhinoPak 90A, RhinoPak 55D, RhinoPak 70D and RhinoPak SM cartridges. SL&C cartridges fit this and all similar systems. One RhinoPak™ 1500 ml cartridge sprayed at 1/8″ (125 mils) can cover a 4 sq. ft. area.  This along with any other system can be sold under Rhino as a dealer startup with close proximity to another Rhino dealer.

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