Bedliner Reviews: Line-X Franchises

The most expensive franchised bedliner company (approximately 319,000.00) It is the only “pure” franchise bedliner vendor.

While “dealerships” are a term that is used by others, PolyureaReviews doesn’t know of any other companies that sell their business as a legal franchise. They spend the most on their marketing, although it is targeted at truck beds and other small dealers. 

They offer the same equipment and same polyurea (7 types of Line-X) are identical, it is not always “specialized.” 

ArmorThane sells for a lower price than BASF, BASF, SL&C. Claudio Burton, Rhino’s former R&D person, started Line-X to develop its first high-pressure formula. This was renamed Line-X by Burton. Rhino called it HardLine to represent its HP system.

Line-X Equipment

Equipment that is not proprietaryLine-X uses a variety of Graco equipment, such as EXP2, E-20 and similar models. Line-X is known for its superior quality bedliner, professional internet writers and sharp advertising. While this reputation is valuable, it does not mean that Line-X has a better product.
However, this can be achieved by more rigorous control over the quality of any brand. PolyureaReviews stray from criticism. If the name can be amortized it will provide value. The Line-X brand is a quality brand, even though there are no guarantees or proofs to estimate or secure revenue. Its application method is “standard” for all polyurea professionals.
Spray guns that are not proprietaryProbler I or II or similar Graco type guns may be used with most Graco and PMC equipment. Line-X dealers must agree that they will buy all materials and equipment, no matter what price. Although it appears that territories are more reliable protected than Rhino and others, all fine print must be read and analyzed. Then, more than one attorney should be considered.

There is no difference in equipment as most other vendors however Line-X is going to charge tens of thousands of dollars more than any other vendor. Unfortunately, you must bite the bullet on these prices because they are written into that contract you signed when you became part of the franchise.

Line-X is the definitely the most well known vendor now however as I previously said they are by far the most expensive and the hardest to make money with.
Since Line-X Corp was sold, it was understood that its previous owner, Burton opened Burton Labs/Bullet Liner. It’s PolyureaReview’s assumption that Burton, who created original Line-X controlling agreements, started Bullet Liner knowing how or why to circumvent this franchise designed initially by him. We recommend staying away from Line-X unless you are willing to throw a huge chunk of money at a company that is going to take a large portion of your earned money.

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