ArmorThane Remains #1 In The Industry

ArmorThane remains the number one choice for protective spray coatings. 

ArmorThane is a multi-national company with manufacturing facilities in the U.S.A. and Canada. They export to large dealers worldwide. Spray coatings, as well as roll-on products, are available for a wide range of products, including polyurea and hybrid polyurethane.

ArmorThane continues to grow its dealer network due to extensive product research and development. Each dealer is trained to be experts in their area of expertise, ensuring that they provide services that last years.

Become a Dealer

ArmorThane offers great opportunities to individuals and businesses as an applicator because they require very little investment and have so much potential. Check out this article which covers 8 Reasons to consider becoming a dealer. No franchise fees and no royalties are number one.

For more information about the many Dealer Opportunities, visit the Dealer Section and the Frequently Asked Questions. Then, contact us to share your ideas and business plans.

ArmorThane is a global leader in spray-on truck bed liner spray-on coatings who offer a complete range of high-quality polyurethane and polyurea coats as well as high-tech spraying equipment. Their professionally-applied pure and hybrid polyurethane and polyurea formulas are extremely durable, flexible and safe.


Automotive / Marine

ArmorThane spray-on bedliners are available in many colors. Marine coatings are tough, durable, skid-resistant, and impact-absorbing.


Concrete floors, patios or driveways, garages, decks or foundations can be waterproofed and protected.


Protect agricultural equipment, structures, and water containments with corrosion- and rust-resistant polyurethane coats


Our Polyurethane products and Polyurea products solve key industrial problems such as corrosion prevention, waterproof barriers and containment.

Military / Blast Protection

Polyurea coatings are specifically designed to reduce property damage and casualties from blasts and ballistics that can be emitted from buildings or vehicles.


Polyurethane or polyurea spraying can make your products more corrosion-resistant, waterproof, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant.

What is polyurea?

Polyurea, a rubber-like substance, provides superior surface protection. Polyurea is an elastomer. It’s flexible and resilient, making it flexible. Polyurea coatings are most commonly used on commercial structures, but they can also be used in unlimited ways.

What are the benefits of polyurea coating?

A polyurea coating has many benefits that make it an extremely useful product for many construction sites. It is weather-tolerant and can be used at temperatures from -20* up to 300*. It will also cure in high humidity. Polyurea coatings offer excellent resistance to thermal shock. It is strong, tough, flexible and can be used over joints or linings.

Polyurea coatings can be seamless and waterproof, and they have very little odor. This makes polyurea coating ideal for protecting commercial buildings and equipment. Its fast setting time and quick application make it stand out from other similar technologies. ArmorThane provides the most advanced technology in spray-applied, polyurea coatings.

What are some of the most common uses for polyurea coatings

Polyurea coating products are primarily used for commercial purposes, since there isn’t usually a need to use such a strong, flexible material in residential buildings. There are many commercial uses. These are some examples of product applications:

* Refrigeration Units

* Roof Coatings

* Truck Bed Liners

* Flooring and Decks

* Pipe Coatings

* Water Parks

* Rail car Linings

* Tank Coatings & Linings

* Bridge Coating

* Joint Fill/Caulk

* Waste Water Treatment Linings

* Spray Molding

* Manhole & Sewer Linings

* Decorative Design coating Aquarium Lining

* Landscape & Water Containment

* Automotive Fascia OEM Molded Parts

* Fuel Storage & Containment

You can see that many commercial uses for polyurea coatings include waterproof lining, cold storage, and fuel storage. Because of its unique temperature and waterproof resistance, polyurea coatings are very popular. Because of the strength and indestructibility of polyurea coatings, there are many safety and traffic applications.

Polyurea coatings can also be used in sanitary areas like restaurants and food processing plants. It can be used over steel and concrete to prevent corrosion and damage. Polyurea is a great material for commercial use, and ArmorThane is happy to supply it to its clients.

ArmorThane experts can help you learn more about the use of polyurea coatings. They are committed to providing only the best products and services. You can also trust that the professional you speak to will be knowledgeable. For more information on polyurea coatings, call ArmorThane today.

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