ArmorThane Answers Prayers

Polyurea coating fixes a failed membrane

Many thousands of miles away from the USA In Abuja, Nigeria, there was a problem with a leaky roof. This wasn’t a typical roof but an important place where many Muslims worship called The National Mosque. Polyurea Reviews was interested in finding out the circumstances surrounding this incident and the way in which this stunning structure’s roof was repaired.

In the time of President Shehu Usman Aliyu, Nigeria, the Federal Government of Nigeria, relocated from Lagos to the newly established Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. In 1981 the most influential Muslims from across the country proposed for the Muslim community should gather contributions from both foreign and domestic sources to build the first mosque. It would then become the nation’s mosque and would serve as an official national institution as well as an emblem that is a symbol of unity for the Nigerian Muslim Ummah.

The idea was welcomed and backed by Nigerian Muslims and soon a council, called the Abuja National Mosque Council, was set up. With the guidance of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, the building of the Abuja National Mosque began. The mosque’s design was designed by AIM Consultants Limited, the architect Consultants Limited, who ensured that the mosque had stunning views which is visible from all areas of the City Center. City Center.

Forty years later, ArmorThane, manufactures and distributes premium protective coatings and also designs and manufactures industrial application equipment. They were contracted to work with the Federal Capital Development Agency to make repairs to the dome roof that covers the National Mosque due to a damaged membrane. The agency had worked with ArmorThane on multiple occasions and was knowledgeable of the benefits of polyurethane being a perfect product for waterproofing. The failure had led to a serious leakage problem which if left untreated would cause serious damage to the mosque.

Polyurea roof coatings are among the most effective solutions for long-term durability as well as impact resistance. They are also not as sensitive to temperature as acrylic chemistries. They also have the best in class tensile strength as well as UV resistance. This is why they are the best application to address the leak problem in the hot Nigerian sun. hot Nigerian sunlight.

The seven-member team prepared for the job by equipping themselves with full-face masks, a fresh air system, and suits with gloves, boots, and earplugs prior to commencing the task. Then, they started removing the membrane that failed and prepared the concrete surface for ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner polyurea spray coating.

The deck space is 4,400 square. meters, and is a brown color with 3mm thickness. The client has also added new areas, such as a water tank that will be coated when ArmorThane finishes its deck areas. The client is delighted with the areas that the professional applicators have covered and even though the project isn’t yet completed and there are no more leaks as a result of the crew having completed 85percent of the job.

The whole coating application will require 3 months to complete. Then the Abuja National Mosque’s roof will be sealed and secure. Making sure that the foundations of the community remain strong.

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