2021 Bedliner Of The Year

**2021 Bedliner Of The Year**

Spray-in bed liners are permanent liners that are made to preserve and protect your truck bed. They are made from polyurea and polyurethane elastomer, which adheres directly to the truck’s cargo area. Unlike a drop-in bedliner, spray-in bedliners will not shift or fall out as your truck moves. When installed precisely, they also block water, grime, and other environmental elements from damaging your truck bed. In addition, most bed liners have a gritty consistency to them to prevent objects from shifting or sliding around in your truck bed.

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When it comes to determining the best spray-in bed liner for your truck, there are several bedliner companies to consider. However, three top manufacturers typically come to mind. These manufacturers are ArmorThane, Line-X, and Rhino Linings. Today we will be going in-depth to examine each of these companies and explain the best choice and why.

1. ArmorThane – ArmorThane is the counterpart of Rhino Linings, Line-X, and others, and customers consider it indestructible. Even in exceptionally severe weather, movement within the truck bed with an ArmorThane spray-in bedliner is nonexistent. Analyses show that even after spilling substances such as oil, fuel, and paint thinner on this bedliner, no destruction was visible.

Reviews online also assert that if you want to choose a spray-in bedliner that would last your entire life, ArmorThane is the ultimate choice. Customers of ArmorThane say that nothing gets through this liner, and no scratches are typically seen after several years. They recently revamped their look and flagship product, ArmorLiner.

ArmorThane lists the following benefits to their website:

  • Resists scratching and scraping
  • Holds shape securely yet elastic enough to avoid tearing or cracking
  • Protects against corrosion and rust from elements or most chemicals
  • Reduces slipping and shifting
  • Absorbs impact which reduces vibration and noise
  • It bonds permanently and dries in seconds
  • Offered in many great colors and can match OEM paint
  • UV ColorCoat stability maintains appearance even in direct sunlight
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2. Line-X – While people complain that Rhino Linings make the sidewalls look saggy, Line-X is a suitable choice for those who want them to look more molded-in appearance. Compared to Rhino Linings, Line X seems more durable, especially for people who frequently use their trucks. Line-X keeps the truck professional-looking while Rhino Linings develops tears, and the texture is more rubbery, which is off-putting.

A regional manager of a Line-X store confirmed that Line-X is tougher than Rhino Linings because of a special curing process. While Rhino Linings follow a low-pressure curing system which makes them less durable, Line-RX is made from a high-pressure curing system. According to their website, “Line-X’s range of strong, permanent coatings are f to protect your truck and more from the harshest of elements… In addition to customizing trucks and SUVs, we excel at delivering advanced protective coatings.

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3. Rhino Linings – Rhino Linings is well-known for suppressing road noise when used as a bedliner. It is also a versatile product that can be used in a lot of areas without any hassles. The brand is trusted and loved by truck owners because of its reliability. Reviewers of the product also admire how only a hose is needed to wash off the truck and make it as good as new after Rhino Linings has been applied, and things like bulk sand, firewood, etc. been used been carried. It’s important to these linings from a reputable installer.

According to their website, Rhino Linings have been around for “more than a quarter-century.” Their website has gained a reputation of “superior quality, strength, and durability.” They also have than 2,000 independently-owned and operated businesses in almost 80 countries. 

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ArmorThane has been around the same amount of time. However, ArmorThane, unlike Rhino, has evolved over the years, finetuning its business model and product line. It’s for all the reasons listed above that we choose ArmorThane as the number one bedliner company in the world! For decades they have led the pack in all possible categories. They are the toughest, most durable, longest-lasting, greatest customer service, best pricing, and many more. We expect to see ArmorThane continue to be an industry leader for many years to come. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below. 

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